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Frequently asked questions

What to wear?

We want you to dress in what makes you comfortable and feel good about yourself, but there are certain clothing choices that photograph better than others. We recommend staying away from neon colors, bright purples/pinks/yellows and heavily patterned clothes don't usually come out well. Stick with neutrals, light pastels or outfits with smaller patterns on them. (We always create a pinterest style board that we can both collaborate on to come up with the perfect vision for your session!) 

How much do you charge?

There are a lot of details that go into our pricing and we would love to customize something that is perfect for you! Message us for more information!

What's a good setting?

Our first choice is always somewhere that's special to you and your story. Whether that's at home in your backyard, a place you and your family go every summer or Disney World (yes we will travel!) However, if you don't feel any of those are what you are looking for, we are always open to come up with new and exciting places with you as well! 

What's your editing style?

What's your process?

We generally do three different editing styles on EACH photo (color, black and white and a vintage filter as well.) We will not give you a fake tan, remove all your wrinkles or take 10 pound off. We want to showcase you as you are! If however, you would like a photo of a t-rex chasing your wedding party, that we can discuss. 

Yay! You have officially booked us as photographers!  The weeks leading up to your session/wedding are mostly filled with us collaborating on pinterest creating a style board that perfectly reflects the story you want to tell through your session or on your special day. We'll send you a few reminder emails in regards to deadlines, contracts and deposits, but other than that we are relatively hands off unless requested otherwise. 

On the day of your session/wedding both of us will be there as photographers telling the story you have imagined through our cameras. It's a wonderful bonus having two photographers because of all the different angles and otherwise unseen photo opportunities that sometimes get missed by single photographers. 

After your day is complete we will begin our editing process. Depending on the session will depend on how long this part of the process takes. Minimum time for any session is 2 months, however larger events and wedding photos usually take around 5 months (or longer) to complete. During that time we will be putting up several previews on social media for you to see and share with your friends! (If however you need your photos sooner for any reason, we would happy to accommodate you, and the details of that will be finalized at the time of booking.)

After all the editing is done you will receive a USB with all edited photos on it delivered in a wooden keepsake box. Depending on your session and any additions you may have chosen (prints/album/canvas or framed photo) will also be delivered at that time as well. We will mail it to you if that is your preference, but most of the time (if possible) we would love to deliver it to you ourselves as a final personal touch. 

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