“We highly recommend Victor Wolf Photography! Not only did they pick a beautiful location, they work well with children and trying to capture just the right moment. We have used this company multiple times and HIGHLY recommend them!"

-Tiffany M.

"They have a great eye for photographing kids in all types of settings, and at their cutest! They have such a way with the camera and the kids-they love having their picture taken by them! They have taken countless photos of my children and I will cherish all of them for my lifetime. Thank you Victor Wolf Photography for capturing this precious time in my life!"

-Jennifer P.

"In a nutshell, I loved these photos so much I asked them to photograph my wedding! Super unfortunately for me, they were out of town my wedding weekend, but I cherish my engagement photos and display them joyfully in my home. They were willing to do two separate locations early in the morning and expertly captured our love, excitement, and the glistening soundscape around us. (Which in my experience is a very difficult thing to do!) Victoria was an engaged photographer who was willing to “get silly” with us and take some of the “cheesy” frames you just have to have. I smile every time I see the pictures and what a memorable morning that was for my husband and I."

-Kelly S.

"My favorite part about working with Victor Wolf Photography was, I would give one pose and they would move around me, high and low, and take pictures from different angles. And each picture they took, even though it was the same pose, had a different composure. They have a great artistic eye in photography. You can just strike a pose, and let them move around you. They know their angles, lighting, focal points, and composure."

-Amethyst E.

"I needed my senior pictures taken so I spoke to Victoria about it, and I was not disappointed! Since I'm not a born model, the directions she gave me were really helpful. I loved her attitude, and her editing. She did a wonderful job, for an awesome price and I totally recommend her!"

-Carissa F.

"Any parent with a newborn knows it is hard to find the best time to take a photo shoot of your little one due to sleeping and eating time and it could take a long time to care for your baby during a shoot but Victoria was very patient and even tried to use the active moments to capture my baby’s personality. And she did! She is gentile and showed us compassion and creativity that we didn’t think of for capturing our life at that moment. Thank you for preserving those precious moments for us!"

-Tamar D.

"I did not have maternity photos done with my firstborn, but I’m so glad that I did for my second! They bring with them a youthful professionalism and a wellspring of ideas for clever and unique poses. My favorite part was that they let Type-A me select the location and many of the poses and then helped to make them masterpieces. And I can’t neglect to mention the patience and fun they had with my not-yet two year old throughout the process!" 

-Kelly S.